Art Gallery and Museum

The Cunnamulla Fella Centre also houses our Regional Art Gallery and Museum. Exhibitions in the Gallery are regularly changed and we display the works of artists from around Australia and also often showcase the works of the many talented artists that live within our region.

Make sure you also take the time to browse through our great museum and gain a small insight into the rich culture, heritage and history of this part of Australia.

  • ImageWho was Australia’s first self-made millionaire?
  • What is a Manual Exchange?
  • Where were the World Championship Lizard Races held?
  • Where is Australia’s richest deposits of Megafauna found?

These are just some of the questions that you can answer whilst meandering through the Cunnamulla Fella Museum.

For further information, contact the Cunnamulla Fella Centre, Centenary Park, Jane Street, Cunnamulla telephone 4655 8470 or email

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