Domestic Waste Collection

To make sure your household bin is emptied weekly, we would ‘wheelie’ appreciate it if residents could make sure they are following the below steps:

  • Ensure your bin/s are placed out before 6am on your bin collection day. If your bin/s are placed out after the truck has gone by, your bin/s will not be collected until your day the following week.

  • Make sure that your bin/s aren’t too heavy, as the hydraulic system of the truck cannot lift them. We would like to remind residents that the wheelie bins are for general household waste only, and NOT green waste i.e. branches, garden clippings etc. or animal droppings. All green waste can be disposed of for free at the dump in Cunnamulla (Old Charleville Road). Your bin/s won’t be emptied until they are reduced to a reasonable weight.

If your neighbours’ bin/s have been emptied and yours haven’t, it is likely that one of the above has occurred. If you require an extra wheelie bin please contact Council on 4655 8400 (extra charge will be added to the rates notice for the property).

If there are any delays with waste collection due to a truck issue, we will advise as soon as possible via Facebook.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.