Animal Management

A pet can be man’s (or woman’s) best friend, but having a pet is also a serious responsibility.

Anyone who owns a pet within Paroo Shire has a duty to be a responsible pet owner, as members of the community have a right to live without negative interference from other people’s pets.

Below are Council's forms and fact sheets around cat/dog registration, permits for more than two animals, etc.

Dog registrations were due 28 August 2020.

Registering your dog/s ensures that your pet can be returned to you if it becomes lost, and fees go towards providing animal management services to the community and training staff to deal with animal-related emergencies. 
It is a state requirement that all dogs in Queensland are registered with their local council. 
  • First animal: $57.00
  • Second animal (and working dogs): $77.00
  • Dangerous dog registration: $57.00
  • Desexed animals discount: $25.00 off /animal
  • Pensioners discount: $10.00 off / animal
When your dog/s are registered, you also receive one free release for all wandering dogs, discounts on parvo vaccinations, and will cost you less overall. All dogs found unregistered after 28 August 2020 will cost the owner five times the amount of the usual registration fee.
For more information contact Council on 4655 8400.

How many dogs can I own?

Any occupier of residence inside town area of the Paroo Shire must only have a maximum of 2 dogs. Any additional dogs must be working dogs or dogs used for work purposes. 

If the application is successful then you will be notified in writing to register all said dogs outlined in the original application. If the application is unsuccessful then you will be notified in writing to remove the said dogs outlined in the original application from the property by a set date. Failure to comply with then notice may result in fine and seizure of the said animals. 

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