Current Tenders or Auctions

Council has released a tender for pre-qualified suppliers for wet & dry hire/civil works.

Tender closes on the 19th May 2023. Documents and information only on www.VendorPanel.com.au

Tenders are hereby invited and will close on Friday 12th May 2023 at 12 noon for the supply of the following requirements for the financial years 2023 up to 2025 depending on the product.

• Contract No. PSC2023-2025-05 Supply & Delivery of Water & Sewerage Fittings
• Contract No. PSC2023-2025-06 Supply & Delivery of Pool Chemicals
• Contract No. PSC2023-2025-07 Supply & Delivery of Cement
• Contract No. PSC2023-2024-08 Supply & Delivery of Diesel & Unleaded
• Contract No. PSC2023-2024-09 Supply & Delivery of Avgas & Jet A1
• Contract No. PSC2023-2025-10 Supply & Delivery of Oil & Grease
• Contract No. PSC2023-2025-11 Supply & Delivery of Tyres
• Contract No. PSC2023-2025-12 Supply & Delivery of Batteries
• Contract No. PSC2023-2025-13 Supply & Delivery of Clothing
• Contract No PSC2023-2024-14 Supply & Delivery of Emulsion

Tender Forms are available from Vendor Panel with the link available on Council’s website www.paroo.qld.gov.au

• Additional information required by an interested person may be obtained from Council. Requests should be lodged via Vendor Panel.
• Councils contact officer is Greg Barber.
Council will not be bound to accept the lowest or any Tender. Council reserves the right to accept a Tender in part or in whole. The Contract will not come into existence until Council has given written notice in the form of a Letter of Acceptance to the Tenderer.

**Tenderers are required to submit their tender electronically, and upload their response documents using Vendor Panel, a link is available on Council’s website www.paroo.qld.gov.au.
The vendor panel web site is www.vendorpanel.com.au
Tenders must be submitted by Friday 12th May 2023 at 12 noon.
Cassandra White

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Vendor Panel Registration

Council is now using VendorPanel Marketplace when seeking suppliers for a wide range of goods and services and is designed to boost the local economy and drive business to local suppliers.

VendorPanel Marketplace will be used when there is no preferred or pre-qualified supplier arrangement in place and where the intended expenditure is below $200,000.

This eProcurement system makes it easier for small to medium-sized businesses to access and know about Council business opportunities and increases transparency in the quotation process.

It is an easy to navigate system and is free for suppliers, with no fees for signing up, receiving notifications or submitting quotes.

To ensure you do not miss out on business opportunities, register on VendorPanel Marketplace

If you already have an existing VendorPanel account, you will not need to create a new business profile.  Simply use your existing email address and select the category or categories that best suits your business, select ‘Request Invitation’ and check your emails to accept your invitation to join.

For more information contact Council on 4655 8400.