If you need assistance with rates, contact 07 4655 8400 or council@paroo.qld.gov.au with the subject line showing Attention: Rates Department

Council can provide assistance on:

  • Your Property Details
  • Your Rate Account
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  • Your Land Valuation
  • Land Sales or Searches
  • Pension Subsidies

Further information on rates can be found in the below information:

Sale of Land for Overdue Rates and Charges

The Local Government Act 2009 and Local Government Regulation 2012 allows councils to take action that may result in the sale of land in order to recover overdue rates or charges. This is an action that Council prefers to avoid and every effort is made to recover overdue rates or charges prior to commencing.

Notice of Auction

Paroo Shire Council hereby gives notice that, unless all overdue rates and expenses of sale owing in relation to these lands (which lands are more particularly described in the Schedule below) are sooner paid, the said lands will be sold by public auction on                   at 10.00am in the Paroo Shire Hall, 3 Jane Street, Cunnamulla.

Address/Lot Assessment Number Property Description Area

For more information contact Council on (07) 4655 8400.