February 2024 Council Meeting Wrap-up


February 2024 Council Meeting Wrap-up

Qld Reconstruction Authority – Repairs to Flood Damaged Roads

Shepherd Services have been appointed the Project Manager for the 2022 flood damage events and Galloway Advisory has been appointed as the Program Manager. Tenders for the February 2022 event to the value of $12M have been awarded to local contractors and this work has commenced.    The Shire had another heavy rain event in January this year which has resulted in the September, 2023 event tenders being deferred until further data on road damage can be collected. It is QRA’s intention to rollover the September, 2023 event work which amounts to $21.5M and combine it with any additional flood damage work resulting from the January, 2024 event. Tenders will then be recalled for the combined work.


New air-conditioning units have been installed at the YOMSCI hall at Yowah.

Eulo – Paroo River Bridge & Approaches

Planning on raising the level of the Paroo River bridge and approaches at Eulo are being undertaken by the Dept of Transport and Main Roads. Public consultation with the Eulo community by DTMR is scheduled to take place in March. It will be advertised as soon as a definite date is set.

Major Projects

  • New toilet installations at Bob Poncho Park, Centenary Park and Tom Fagan Park at Yowah are scheduled to commence in March and the timeframe is approximately two weeks per installation. Construction for the three sites has been awarded to Riverpark Constructions.
  • Initial scoping and concept design is complete for phase 2 of the Water Pipe Replacement Scheme. Work on site for phase 1 has commenced and is due for completion by the middle of this year. Completion of phase 2 has a target date of later this year.

Infrastructure Operations & Maintenance Work Roadworks

  • Under the DTMR road maintenance contract, a roadworks crew has commenced formation grading at the southern end of the Hungerford Road.   
  • Sign and guidepost replacement as well as emergency flooding signage was undertaken.
  • Grid repairs were carried out on grids west of Eulo
  • Work continues on the Jobs Gate Road with a section of road construction to bitumen seal.
  • Premix pothole patching was done on the Jobs Gate and Eulo-Toompine Roads

Parks & Gardens

Mowing of the cemetery, pensioner units, airport and town streets has been undertaken as well as mowing and cleaning up around John Kerr Park buildings.

Water & Sewerage

  • Repairs have been carried out to Bore 2 which is now awaiting an upgraded switchboard to run the new pump.  
  • Tenders have been placed on Vendor Panel to replace the Scada unit which was burnt out due to power surges.

Emergency Flood Damage

Council staff removed many fallen trees and branches throughout Cunnamulla following a recent heavy storm.


Negotiations have been finalised between Paroo Shire Council and Qld. Rail for the transfer from Paroo Progress Association to Council of the Cunnamulla All Aboard attraction. The Association must be congratulated on establishing and operating this great attraction which recalls the history of the railway and its link to Cunnamulla and district. Details of operations and an opening date for the new season are yet to be finalised and advertised.



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