2023/2024 Paroo Shire Council Budget Announced


Paroo Shire Council has announced the adoption of a balanced budget of $46 million for the upcoming 2023/2024 financial year. The Council has also successfully funded its depreciation of $6.08 million marking a significant achievement for the Paroo Shire Council. Mayor Beresford attributes this success to the organisation's strong financial management and commitment to serving the community.

The Council has been successful with a number of funding submissions to assist with the renewal or upgrade of assets. This budget prioritises the long-term management of assets and includes several major allocations. Notable investments include:

  • Flood damage repairs to Shire roads: $20 million
  • Roads to Recovery and Shire road maintenance: $1.5 million
  • TIDS Shire road construction: $2.094 million
  • TMR road maintenance: $1.637 million
  • Cunnamulla Water Security and Pipe Replacement: $5.276 million.

In addition to these key projects, Paroo Shire Council has committed to several other important initiatives:

  • Upgrading and improving the Cunnamulla racecourse facilities and pensioner units
  • Renewing the Bob Poncho Park toilet block and installing new toilets in Centenary Park
  • Upgrading the Wyandra airstrip
  • Enhancing playgrounds in Eulo and installing irrigation in the main street
  • Constructing new toilet facilities and air-conditioning at the hall in Yowah.

Acknowledging the impact of rising living costs on the community, the Council has ensured that increases are kept to a minimum. The budget includes a 3% increase in General Rates, Sewerage, and Waste charges. However, there will be no increase in Water Charges or Special Charges, including the Dingo Barrier Fence Levy.

With this budget, Paroo Shire Council aims to provide essential community services while further enhancing the livability and attractiveness of the Paroo Shire. The Council remains committed to its mission of serving the community and maintaining financial stability.

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To obtain more information, please refer to the Paroo Shire Council’s website www.paroo.qld.gov.au where the agenda and minutes of all Council meetings are posted. To subscribe to the eNewsletter group click on News & Events then click on Newsletters and sign up.

Contacting Council – should residents wish to contact Council regarding any matter, whether it’s an enquiry, reporting an issue, making a suggestion or lodging a complaint, please use the email council@paroo.qld.gov.au

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