Mayor Beresford’s March 2023 Council Meeting Wrap-up


Mayor Beresford’s March 2023 Council Meeting Wrap-up

Councillors and Executive staff travelled to the Noorama Racecourse this week to hold the monthly Council meeting and meet with local residents. A big thank you to the Noorama group for hosting us as they prepared for their annual Race Meeting to be held on Saturday 1st April 2023.

Planning for Paroo Shire’s Future
Both in-house and community consultation throughout the Shire has taken place last week with Consultant Kerry Suttor to develop the Paroo Shire’s new five-year Corporate Plan. A draft document is now being compiled and will be available for comment in the near future.

Council will also be renewing its Economic Development Strategy with a focus on the next five years. Again, consultation and engagement opportunities will be available for input and feedback on the strategy which will be used as a guide to strengthen the economy of the Shire.

Waste Management
Council adopted a Waste Management Business Case to upgrade the Cunnamulla landfill site, of which the key drivers are:
• To provide a safe environment for staff and community
• To meet legislative obligations
• To provide a service that meets the needs and expectations of the community
• To provide facilities that are tidy
• To identify opportunities for waste recycling and reclamation
• To provide a financially responsible framework for the operation of waste management in the Shire.
It was decided to accept a multi-staged approach which will incorporate some immediate action to create a stage one transfer station at Cunnamulla and tidying of the existing waste transfer area into material and treatment groupings. Further work will include the development of a master plan for waste in the Paroo Shire and an implementation plan. Initial work on the project will commence late April and a project steering committee has been established to oversee the project.

Outback Car Rental
Paroo Shire Council has authorised the CEO to enter into an MOU with The Tourism Group approving the Council’s participation in the Outback Car Rental Project. We will join with Balonne and Quilpie Shires to participate in the scheme to provide vehicle hire for visitors flying into the region where vehicle hire is not currently available. The service will allow visitors the opportunity to better explore the far south west and provide an improved service for those flying in on business. Full details of the scheme will be available once details have been finalised and agreements signed.

Visitor numbers to the Cunnamulla Visitor Information Centre for February saw an increase of 27% when compared with the same month last year. The February figures are also 34% higher than pre-covid visitations. Staff are expecting this trend to continue throughout the season, particularly with the opening of the Cunnamulla Artesian Hot Springs & River Walk Experience and Boat Cruise mid way through the year.

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