Mayor Beresford’s February 2023 Council Meeting Wrap-up


Mayor Beresford’s February 2023 Council Meeting Wrap-up

There were two Community Grant Applications tabled and approved at the February Council meeting for in kind and/or financial support:

  • Sacred Heart Parish School – waiver of swimming pool hire fee for school carnival.
  • Cunnamulla Blue Light Assn. – waiver of Shire Hall hire fees for six disco and movie night functions.

Staffing Data analysis shows there has been an increase in stability within the Council workforce. Employee turnover for the 2021/22 financial year was down 38% from the previous year and 2022/2023 is on trend to be at a similar lower level.

Two recruitment positions were listed in February:

  • Community Support Officer which has been filled internally, and
  • Treatment Plant Operator which became vacant when the previous incumbent transferred to another position within the Council.

Food Hygiene Inspections Cara Cicero, the Environmental Health Officer at Maranoa Regional Council is planning to visit Cunnamulla in April to undertake some inspections. Paroo Shire Council has an agreement with the Maranoa Regional Council under which they provide EHO duties to our Shire. Staff member Teresa King will be accompanying the EHO on these inspections to gain knowledge in this area and be able to confidently assist enquiries.

Transport Infrastructure Development Scheme TIDS Work for this financial year on the Eulo-Toompine Road has been completed. The crew will transfer to the Jobs Gate Road in March to commence work on the second TIDS project for this financial year, a further extension of the bitumen seal. This work will encompass a new section of bitumen sealed road surface for 4 kms to the Bundaleer intersection. Expenditure on these two TIDS projects for 2022/2023 will total $2,095,000 of which 50% is funded by the Qld. Government.

Water Lettuce Control Two boats are currently in operation spraying water lettuce on the Warrego River. Another 100m floating weed boom has been obtained and deployed up river to control the flow of the lettuce and break it up into three sections. Council will also be introducing biological control on the water lettuce and delivery of weevils from Brisbane City Council is expected this week.

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