Mayor Beresford’s November 2022 Council Meeting Wrap-up


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Mayor Beresford’s November 2022 Council Meeting Wrap-up

Council held its November meeting at Eulo and a big thank you to all those who attended the open forum prior to the meeting. Councillors and staff appreciate the opportunity to speak directly with residents and hear their issues, listen to and discuss suggestions, and receive input into what the community requires. Our thanks also go to the Eulo General Store and the Eulo Queen Hotel who catered for the day. During the meeting Council approved the following applications for in-kind and/or financial support:

  • Cunnamulla Triathlon Club – donation towards catering and use of the Cunnamulla Pool for the Corporate Challenge Mercantile on 19 November 2022
  • Eulo State School – use of the Eulo Hall for the remainder of 2022 and first half of 2023 for school events
  • Wyandra Progress Association – donation towards catering and use of Wyandra Hall for their Christmas Party on 26 November 2022

Council has been successful in obtaining a grant of $1,945,798 from the Building Our Regions Fund Round 6 to commence the replacement of the water mains in Cunnamulla. A scope of work is currently being developed by the infrastructure team and this work will be scheduled to commence in 2023. The Council meeting calendar for 2023 has been adopted. Most meetings are held on the third Tuesday of the month except for the last three months when the meetings will be held on the second Tuesday due to other commitments. The CCEC building in Cunnamulla is the main venue for the Council meetings, but the following four meetings will be held elsewhere in the Shire:

  • March: Noorama
  • May: Yowah
  • September: Wyandra
  • November: Eulo

A copy of the monthly meeting calendar has been posted online at for reference.

Plans are underway for next year’s tourist season and in particular the Paroo River Lights Festival in April and the Cunnamulla Fella Roundup in early July. Both events will have new inclusions next year enticing visitors to linger longer in the shire and enjoy both the attractions and the lifestyle we have to offer. The Queensland Audit Office has advised Council received an unmodified audit opinion on its 2021/2022 financial statements. It was noted that Council’s operating surplus ratio was within the target range of between 0 and 10%, being 4%, something that both staff and Councillors have been working towards. The Council’s Annual Report for 2021-2022 was also adopted and is available online at  

In regards to contacting Council, should residents wish to contact Council regarding any matter - whether it’s an enquiry, reporting an issue, making a suggestion, or lodging a complaint - please use the email Our customer service system will acknowledge your correspondence, allocate a reference number and direct it to the appropriate Council officer for attention. 

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