Planning Scheme Planning Scheme

The draft proposed Paroo Shire Planning Scheme 2018 was open for community consultation from Monday 6 August to Friday 28 September.

All submissions will now be reviewed to determine the community's opinion of the draft scheme, and determine whether any changes need to be made prior to the scheme being adopted.

You are still able to view the draft Planning Scheme document, mapping and fact sheets. Alternatively, online interactive mapping is available here.


What is a Planning Scheme?

A Planning Scheme, which is sometimes referred to as the ‘Town Plan’, is a statutory document that outlines the framework, objectives and provisions that regulate and manage land use and development.

How does it affect me?

The scheme outlines a number of ‘zones’ across Paroo, and what development can and can’t be undertaken within each zone. It’s important to think how the scheme affects you now, and in the future. For instance, you might be thinking about starting a home-based business, digging a gravel pit or opening a Bed and Breakfast. What zone you are in will affect whether you are able to undertake this development.

How do I find out more about the Planning Scheme?

Physical copies are available to read at the Cunnamulla, Yowah, and Wyandra libraries, as well as the

Council office in Cunnamulla. An online version is available on the Council website. ‘Talk to a Planner’ sessions will take place in Cunnamulla on 28 August from 12-2pm and 5-7pm if you want to talk to an expert.

How do I give my feedback?

Any feedback (positive or negative) can be made via a submission, and can be made by a person, group or organisation. A submission may object to all or part of the scheme and/or support all or part of the scheme. For detailed information on how to make a submission, view the fact sheet above. All submissions must be received by 4.30pm Friday 28 September.

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