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PAROO SHIRE COUNCIL is partnering with the QRA to deliver a Recovery Plan Development Workshop in CUNNAMULLA on 16 September 2021

Recovery specialists from QRA will support PAROO SHIRE COUNCIL with the development of a recovery plan that will help the community prepare for, and recover from, disaster events. The workshop will include identifying community strengths and challenges, recovery governance and recovery actions. QRA will also provide insights into successful community recovery operations and how to maximise partnerships with neighboring councils as well as the state and Commonwealth governments.

Attendees: Council and the QRA are inviting a range of community perspectives to the workshop, including: council representatives, industry and business leaders, community stakeholders, emergency response services, LDMG representatives and community Elders.

RSVP’s Essential by 13 September 2021: Contact - Beatrice Callegher, Ph: 07 4655 8400, E: beatrice.callegher@paroo.qld.gov.au

Local Recovery Plan Development Workshop Information Sheet

Councils are encouraged to undertake a Local Recovery Plan Development Workshop to establish an effective framework for supporting disaster recovery within their communities. The workshop would be facilitated by QRA, and assist councils to develop a Local Recovery Plan.

The below agenda outlines the workshop session plan, recommended participants for each session, workshop evaluation process, as well as development timelines for the Local Recovery Plan.          

  1. The Workshop Agenda
  • Assist in identifying content to support the development of a Local Recovery Plan, and tailored to the needs of your Council
  • Run over one-day and split into three sessions

             Session 1 (Understanding the community)2 hours
             Information gathered during this session includes: 

  • Community overview: people, climate, resilience
  • Community strengths: connectedness, leaders, participation, Indigenous artefacts
  • Environment: physical and biological landscape
  • Key community sites, facilities, housing and services
  • Access to community
  • Community events        
  • Cultural considerations for outside staff

Session 2 (Governance) – 2 hours
Information gathered during this session includes:  

  • Recovery sub-group composition
  • Resourcing: local and external resourcing
  • Funding considerations

             Session 3 (Recovery Planning) – 2 hours
             Information gathered during this session includes:

  • Activities and options to address potential recovery challenges for the community  
  • Development of key recovery actions
  • Recovery support and collaboration
  1. Who should attend

The workshop will be divided into three sessions that are relevant to some, or all of the attendees, depending on their recovery knowledge and expertise:

  • Session 1 - Council representatives, community Elders and community leaders to gather local information.
  • Session 2 - Council representatives, community Elders, community leaders and LDMG representatives to gather local information.
  • Session 3 - LDMG representatives and key local recovery stakeholders identified by yourselves.

In addition to those listed above, you are welcome to invite external representatives from groups or communities that are likely to be involved in your community’s recovery.

  1. Pre and post workshop evaluation

The following surveys will be asked of attendees as part of the Project evaluation:

  • A pre-workshop survey prior to the commencement of the workshop
  • A post-workshop survey at the conclusion of the workshop
  • A follow-up survey following endorsement of the Local Recovery Plan
  • A follow-up survey following a disaster event
  1. Timing and other information
  • A draft Local Recovery Plan will be developed by QRA, in consultation with your council, in the weeks following the workshop.
  • QRA will use information from the workshop to complete this draft.
  • The Local Recovery Plan will include a recovery action plan tailored to community need within your LGA.
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