Tenders and Quotes Tenders and Quotes

Contracts Entered into Over $200,000 in 2017/18

Daly Brothers Drilling Contractors $603,359.25 Drilling of Bores at Eulo, Wyandra and Yowah
Ergon Energy $240,522.67 Electricity Supply
IC Pipes $270,955.41 Cleaning & CCTV for Cunnamulla Sewerage Pipe Replacement Project
JCE Engineerings Pty Ltd $402,410.10 Consultant/Project Management
Mascott Drilling and Earthmoving $1,046,633.36 Contract Services and Plant Hire
NL & LM Hatchman $566,310.42 Fuel and Oil Supply
RPQ $326,568.93 Contract Services, Sealing Works
Russell Grader Hire $289,410.00 Contract Services, Plant Hire
Tuckwell Transport & Earthmoving $481,867.78 Contract Services, Plant Hire and Material Supplies
WN & TL Hickey $483,089.00 Plant Hire & Material Supplies