Racecourse Racecourse

Paroo Shire hosts four race events throughout the year. Our local racecourses are in:

  • Cunnamulla
  • Noorama

Cunnamulla & District Diggers Race Club

President:   Tim Higgings   Ph: 0409 738 616
Secretary:   Toni Pender     Ph: 0455 598 872
Treasurer:   Rick Brain        Ph: 0400 088 013

Charges are as follows:

Cunnamulla Racecourse

 Racecourse & All Amenities
 $644.00 per meeting
 Barrier Stalls
 $256.00 per meeting
 Racecourse Amenities
 $256.00 per day
 Sky Channel
 $64.00 per meeting
 Watering Racecourse
 $256.00 per meeting
 Security Deposit

** However, if a race meeting is scheduled, preference is given to the Race Meeting over private hire **

Noorama Picnic Race Club
Jobs Gate Road
Cunnamulla QLD 4490

President:  Jim McKenzie  Ph: 07 4655 4911 
Secretary:  Jane Bignell     Ph: 07 4655 4046

For more information on the Noorama race club check out there website below