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Youth take the lead on Cunnamulla water tower mural

The Cunnamulla water tower is set to be transformed into a work of art from tomorrow (Friday 5 April) thanks to artist Guido van Helton and the local youth.

Over the last month Council and van Helton have met multiple times with youth focus groups to drive what the artwork will look like.

Mayor Lindsay Godfrey said that the youth have been extremely excited to participate in this project and that they’re excited to start to see it come to life on Friday.

“The youth are our community’s future, and this mural will honour that as well developing pride in themselves that they helped make this happen,” he said.

Australian artist van Helton also agreed with this saying that there was an unprecedented level of eagerness amongst the young members of Cunnamulla community.

“I don’t know how to explain it but there is a beautiful community connection here. I have been so inspired by what the kids are coming up with,” he said.

“Not only have more than 50 kids given their ideas, feedback and enthusiasm for the water tower mural; but 30 have also given their stories about what their dreams are and what their community means to them. I’m so excited to give this town something that reflects what the kids have given me.”

Paroo Shire Council and van Helton have also been working with neighbouring town Charleville to deliver a similar project there to help reduce the overall costs for both communities and to draw visitors to south west Queensland with world-standard artworks.