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Parvovirus in Paroo Area

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Pet owners in the Paroo Shire are being advised to ensure that their dogs are vaccinated against the highly infectious Parvo virus after a number of infected animals were recently diagnosed in the area.

Parvovirus is a viral disease affecting dogs and can be transmitted via faeces or even contaminated footwear, clothing, bedding, food, water bowls and toys.

It is imperative that dogs are kept on their own property to avoid contact with the disease or to avoid further spreading the disease. Whilst the disease is normally seen in young dogs aged between six weeks & eight months, older dogs are not immune to the disease and are at risk of contracting Parvo if they are exposed to the virus. The death rate in non-vaccinated dogs can be greater than 80%.

Parvovirus is a terrible illness for a dog to get – it attacks their gastrointestinal tract and bone marrow and causes vomiting and severe diarrhoea which can quickly lead to dehydration & death.  Treatment is often very expensive & unsuccessful with vaccinations being the only way to stop the disease spreading.

Pet owners are warned to keep an eye on their dogs, looking for symptoms of Parvovirus including:
• Loss of appetite
• Lethargy
• Weakness
• Fever
• Diarrhoea
• Vomiting
• Loss of blood

Some dogs may not display all the symptoms so pet owners who notice a change in their animal’s heath should consult their vet.

The vaccine for Parvovirus is very effective and Paroo Shire Council urges all dog owners to make sure their pet vaccinations are up-to-date.